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WARNING: If you have already installed the demo, please remove it first. To do this, click the start button, control panel, and double click 'Add / Remove Programs'. Scroll down until you see SRS Procession and click it, then click remove.

Stand Alone Computer

  1. Insert Disk - Program will automatically install. IF it does not automatically begin installing in 30 seconds, click the Start Button, Run, and Browse to your CD Rom Drive. Double Click the Setup Application.

  2. You will see the installation start and you should choose 'Server' from the selections. The screen will change to a 4 button window.

  3. Click the first button to start the installation. The initial installation, which may take several minutes (and may require a reboot, depending on your operating system) will run, followed by a selection of where you want to install the program. The default directory is 'C:\Program Files\SRS Computing 9'. You may change this if desired.

  4. Once step 2 is finished, proceed to install the SQL Server database, button 2.

  5. When step 2 is finished, click button 3. This attaches the databases, creates the data connection, and finalizes the installation.

  6. If you don't already have Adobe Reader Version 8 on your machine, you can install it with button 4. Adobe Reader is used to print many forms. You may also download the latest version at

Funeral Home Installation - Network

  1. To install the software to a network environment, first choose a machine that will act as the server.

  2. Install the software to the desired network location on the server following steps 1-6 above (choosing 'Server' for this machine, even if is acting as a server on a peer-to-peer network).

  3. This directory, if using a peer-to-peer network (not a true server), must be shared. To do so, open My Computer, double click the 'local disk C', double click the 'Program Files' folder, and right click the SRS Computing Solutions directory (if you installed to a different location, navigate to it now and right click).

  4. Click on Sharing. You need to enable this directory for sharing. Share the directory as SRS9. Choose to 'Allow others to change files on this machine' as this will enable database changes.

  5. Map a network drive from each client workstation to the server machine's new shared directory, SRS. See Windows Networking for help on this issue.

  6. Insert the disk into each Client workstation. MUST RUN LOCALLY, NOT FROM THE NETWORK. Choose 'Client' and run the installation starting with the first SRS Button. The second button (SQL Server) is disabled. Proceed by clicking Database Configure which will finalize the installation.

  7. In configuring the database, the installer will ask where the network database is located. When browsing for the network installation, instead of using the mapped drive, please use the UNC (\\server\srs7...) address by browsing to it via the 'My Network Places'. Click the plus next to 'My Network Places' then select the folder labeled 'SRS9'.

  8. Adobe is needed on each workstation in order to print several reports. If you have not already installed Adobe acrobat, install it by clicking the 4th and final button.