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Our Focus

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SRS believes in delivering zero-defect customer service while cultivating long-term client relationships.  Our growing suite of management software is at the bleeding edge of technology.


Hyper-focused on data fluidity, our products create a seamless process for single-site firms to multi-location Funeral, Cemetery and Crematory corporations. With over 3,000 business installations, our clients span across 50 states, 6 Canadian provinces and 5 countries.

SRS has maintained a reputation built on integrity and appreciation for the SRS customer base. With its incomparable user-friendly software, SRS has quickly taken the industry lead in providing superior management solutions.


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SRS selectively aligns our company with affiliates who deliver parallel excellence to this industry. The purpose is to build a network of quality providers where data fluidity can take place. SRS will not compromise their reputation by connecting with any entity that does not meet exemplary standards. The affiliates we’ve developed a “single entry” solution to are the leaders in their class.

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five solutions, one seamless integration.


Simplicity meets cutting-edge technology, unparalleled support, and the most robust Funeral Software Management product developed for this industry. Procession has always delivered a simple yet comprehensive software solution. Now, with the release of Procession V9, SRS is taking technology in the funeral home to a whole new level.

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Powerful performance and flexibility is delivered to Crematories! Phoenix provides an easy-to-use interface, making efficiency in one product simple, streamlined, and successful. Phoenix, designed exclusively for pet and human cremation, creates increased productivity and, coupled with our Bar Coding technology, minimized liability.

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InStone was created by our developers to put the most powerful technology in the hands of a cemetery manager. By utilizing a variety of built-in tools and a user-friendly interface, InStone makes it easy to manage your entire staff, create a fluid process, and execute your daily activity in one comprehensive system. With Geographical Mapping technology, interactive cemetery maps will create a digital layout of your cemetery that links to all corresponding data.

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Lead Generation, professional Thank You cards, and increased Website Exposure is only the beginning of what this powerful tool delivers. With SRS being the originator of this innovative software, you will benefit from the years of improvements and the highest level of flexibility available in the market.

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No firm can succeed without the right marketing, and SRS delivers the best CRM software this industry has to offer. We created a solution that helps organize leads, follow up with Aftercare, set reminders, develop quotes, send email blasts, and determine the next action to generate Pre-Need sales. Best part… it’s all integrated throughout our entire suite of modules!

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Cloud Solutions

the power of data in the sky

Why Cloud?
  • Mobility
  • Backup
  • Security
  • Economical

SRS Cloud safely stores all of your data so you can access it anywhere, anytime. It’s the ultimate in portability! Just open your iPad, iPhone, Android, or PC and your data is at your fingertips. Success!

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While being mobile, feel secure knowing your data is backed up at all times and will never be lost. All of SRS’ modules can reside on the SRS Cloud. The SRS Cloud will not only save users time, but also the hardware costs and maintenance fees from maintaining an in-house server.


Security lies in the confidence that you won’t lose your data. With a professionally managed team, the firewalls at Expedient make security economically obtainable. SRS Cloud has developed layers of encryption on every piece of data moving throughout your system.

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  • I have used SRS Computing software at our funeral home for over 2 years. It is professionally programmed with the funeral business in mind and is a real time saver for any size funeral home. The SRS software covers all areas of the funeral business and I get immediate, excellent technical support.

    Robert L. Gillman
    Auble-Gillman Funeral Home, Inc.
    Rittman, OH
  • I do want to take this chance to let you and Scott know that I have worked with a lot of different customer service agents in my years in different businesses. Your techs are excellent reps of your business. They always take very good care of us when we call them with any type of questions.

    Daniel Sanders
    Cozean Memorial Chapel
    Farmington, MO
  • The team at SRS is wonderful in responding to our ongoing and unique requests in a timely fashion, while exceeding our expectations! Not only do staff members offer a wealth of knowledge and information, but they are always making suggestions in an effort to make our lives easier (and who doesn’t love that?!)!

    Jennifer Rayworth
    Smith’s Funeral Home
    Burlington, Ontario, Canada
  • We have used the SRS software for over a year and I would highly recommend it, but even more important the technical support staff is fantastic! No matter who I talk to my question is answered in a very timely manner.

    Marina Grant
    E.F. Boyd and Sons
    Cleveland, OH
  • We are finally able to find the time to begin using the new SRS procession and Profile systems. They are both awesome. Kimberly, I am so very impressed with what you and Scott have done in becoming the best of the best in funeral service software and support.

    Jim Bob Humphrey
    Humphrey Funeral Service, Inc.
    Russellville, AR

Meet the Team

the face of SRS Computing


Scott is the President and founder here at SRS. He received his Bachelor of Science degree in Mathematics from Allegheny College in 1989, then his Master’s in Radiation Physics from the University of Pittsburgh in 1990. He worked for 9 years as a medical physicist in prestigious hospitals such as Mayo Clinic, Johns Hopkins University, and the Western Pennsylvania Hospital. His primary jobs were clinical duties for the treatment of cancer patients and research. Scott then went back to school, and received his second Master’s degree in Business Administration from Carnegie Mellon University in 2002. He founded SRS Computing in 1999. It was based off of the very principles that led to his family’s success in the business. Scott wrote the first version of this management software for his family’s funeral home in Pittsburgh, PA. Later on, the software was revised for commercial sale. Today SRS Computing has reached a milestone of over 3,000 installations globally! When he’s not at the office, you can find Scott fly fishing and coaching basketball and lacrosse for his two boys.

Yeah, he’s kind of brilliant.

Co-Founder/Vice President

Kimberly Simons is the co-founder and owner of two independent businesses in the software and financial industry. Possessing 20 years of experience in innovative marketing, sales and product management, Kimberly has grown her software firm – SRS COMPUTING – into an industry leader in cutting-edge management solutions. As a Vice President of SRS, Kimberly has been responsible for the rapid growth of the company through strategic and aggressive marketing and sales methods, while also developing a reputation for zero-defect customer service and cultivating long-term business relationships built on integrity and appreciation for the SRS customer base.

Senior Programmer

Adam has been with SRS Computing since August of 2007.  He was born and raised in the Pittsburgh area and plans to stay here to live out his days.  He is a 2005 graduate of Penn State Behrend in Erie and has a Bachelor’s Degree in Management Information Systems.  When he’s not working at SRS, you will not find him in front of a computer.  He’s been a guitar player of many different styles for nearly 20 years.  He also enjoys shooting his recurve bows and being out and about in the wilderness with his wife and a couple DSLR cameras.

Alyssa Bo.
Marketing Coordinator/
Account Executive

Alyssa graduated from Carlow University with a Bachelor’s in Business Management and Political Science. Even though she was born and raised in Pittsburgh, she’s a huge Red Sox fan. There’s a great chance you can find her curled up with a good book and a cup of coffee. Alyssa SWEARS that no movie or TV show will ever be as good as the book it was based off of. She’ll try anything once – from skydiving to hiking a waterfall in Jamaica. Here at SRS, she’s available to help with whatever anyone throws at her. She works on our advertisements, this website, support, social media, sales, and training.

Alyssa Bl.
Support Analyst

Alyssa was born and raised in Pittsburgh. She graduated from DeVry University in 2016 with her Bachelor’s degree in Computer Information Systems/Database Management. While Alyssa is not at work, you can commonly find her working out, hanging out with friends, embracing the joys of nature, at a concert, or watching/writing horror movies with her husband, Dave and her best friend, Matt. Dave usually refers to her as a “workout turkey” due to her dedication to health and fitness. Born with a positive outlook on life, she never skips a beat.

Support Analyst

Although originally from Michigan, Ann has made the Pittsburgh area her new home. A couple things that most people usually don’t guess about her is that she was in the military and stationed in Hawaii for a tour. Here she held the title for lightweight pugil-stick champion of her Platoon and learned that elbow grease doesn’t come from a can. After that she followed her wasband to Ohio where they raised 2 boys, eventually earning her bachelor’s degree in computer technology from Kent State University. She especially loves being near the water, socializing with friends, and all kinds of furry creatures (even opossums)!

Support Analyst

Ashley grew up in Pittsburgh, migrated to Virginia Beach, and back again! (Even though she misses the beach!) She has computer and IT certifications that help her fit right in to our tech support. Ashley likes to shoot guns, write poetry and music, and going to concerts. She has two little ones, Austin and Alyssa, who are her best friends, as she’s VERY family oriented. Give her a cozy blanket and a hammock, and she’s in heaven! Here at SRS, she works with our IT/tech support team to fix anything and everything. If you need a good laugh, Ashley is your girl!

Support Analyst

Ben’s from Washington DC and graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in 2013, where he spent four years as a basketball manager.  He thinks the Baltimore Ravens are the best team in the NFL and Star Wars is the greatest movie saga of all time. Ben likes to go to concerts and the best act he’s ever seen were the Roots, but he’s hoping to see Prince live. He’s an avid comic book reader and likes to watch the Marvel movies. He loves Will Ferrell movies.  Be sure to tell him “your voice is like a combination of Fergie and Jesus.”

Senior Support Analyst/

Brayden specializes in iPhone and iPad development with experience also in Android and mobile websites. His goal is to create immersive and interactive experiences that will take the end user experience memorable and attractive.

Senior Support Analyst/

In the office, he’s not Brian. Meet BDatt. He’s a caffeine dependent life-form and a hockey fanatic! (He loves the Penguins of course). BDatt’s an avid fisherman and a hard core internetaholic. Surprisingly, he’s afraid of roller coasters and dry ice. He went to La Roche College and graduated in 2012. Here at SRS Computing, BDatt kills it on geographical mapping for the cemetery module InStone.

Support Analyst

Sean is a fitness guru.  He runs obstacle course races all over the US and even in Canada.  He recently qualified for, and ran in the obstacle course racing world championships.  Sean also enjoys downhill mountain biking, which he’s been told is a bit dangerous.  When he’s not getting stitches, or breaking bones, you can find him home relaxing on the couch with his wife and dog, watching Dancing with the Stars.

Support Analyst

Born and raised outside of Philly but recently relocated to Pittsburgh, Alex is a huge fan of the Eagles, the Sixers, and cheesesteaks. Alex graduated from Boston University in 2012 with a degree in Psychology with the goal of entering law school but soon realized his passion was computer programming. He is currently completing his Masters in Information and Computer Science at Penn State and is a self-taught C++ programmer. Being an avid metal-head and hardcore fan, Alex has never met a mosh pit he didn’t enjoy and always turns his amp to 11.

Senior Support Analyst/

John’s a “jack of all trades, master of none.” He knows a little bit about everything and loves getting his hands on the latest technology. John develops desktop applications using Visual Basic and VB .NET. Here at SRS, he designs and develops reports using Crystal Reports 10 and Adobe Professional 8. He helps out with providing remote technical support for troubleshooting general software installation and Windows networking issues, installing new software applications and Microsoft SQL Service Instances. He came to SRS after graduating from Penn State, where he earned his Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering in 2008.

Support Analyst

Keith grew up in Western PA right smack in the middle of Amish country. He took an interest in computers from an early age, even experimenting a little with programming on a Commodore 64. Keith is self taught, and began his 10 year IT career in a multi billion dollar company, but decided to take his talent and passion for computers to SRS. He has several industry recognized IT certifications, and recently has taken an interest in Bitcoin, Ethereum, distributed systems and Blockchain technologies. Prodigious on piano and can “sort of play guitar”, Keith writes and improvises his own music, and has been a musician for 20+ years. He also has two adorable children who light up his life.

Support Analyst

Raised in Allentown, PA, Ian graduated from USC in Los Angeles in 2013 with a degree in computer science. He has a passion for the ‘new’ and believes most people don’t laugh nearly enough. Most days outside of work you’ll find him at the dog park with his beloved puppy, Lady, or cracking jokes with friends. In a given conversation with Ian, expect to learn some ‘fun’ facts, cause his backlog of arbitrary knowledge knows no bounds.

Project Manager

Luke’s a country boy that runs on adrenalin.  He lives for a rush and never slows down. From mountain biking, snowboarding, hockey, tractoring, and working out, there isn’t an obstacle he can’t handle.  Born and raised in Pittsburgh, he swears there’s no better city, sports teams, or rivers to boat on. When he needs an escape from the office, you can find him in the Caribbean. Any island will do as long as he’s surrounded by family and friends.  He’s your go-to guy for training. With over 8 years of educational and training experience, we’re pretty confident Luke will get you on the right path to becoming an SRS expert.

Senior Support Analyst/

Tim has been with SRS Computing since 2012. He’s been nothing short of the best. He’s led quite the amazing life so far. Tim was born just outside of an Amish commune, only nine months after conception. It was during this period that Tim noticed an interest in technology. Tim then turned to making incredibly bad music. Over the years, he’s worked with small-time nobodies from Pittsburgh to Los Angeles for marginal pay. After a brief stint in Cleveland, Tim moved back home to Pittsburgh. We’re lucky to have someone as wonderful as him working for us, and we know you’ll feel the same way.

Support Analyst

Valerie grew up in the rolling hills of eastern Pennsylvania. She started climbing trees on her parent’s back yard when she was six years old, which soon evolved into a love of heights. Presently, she spends her weekends in West Virginia rock climbing. Interestingly enough, she is afraid of white water rafting and other dangerous sports.

Marketing Coordinator / Administrative Assistant

Courtney is a Pittsburgh native, so naturally she’s a Pittsburgh sports fan! She received her Bachelor’s in Science from Kent State University. Any spare time she has she’s trying to jump on a airplane. She enjoys traveling, rock climbing, and hanging out with dogs. This is her first role in this field but can’t wait!

Web/Android Programmer

Jing works as the application developer for SRS/Mi-journey since 2017. She comes from Chengdu in southwestern China, a megacity in terms of population with more than ten million, and is renowned for spicy food and Panda (which are also among Jing’s favorites). She came to Pittsburgh in 2015, where she ended up with a Master’s degree from Carnegie Mellon University. While much smaller compared to the cities she used to live in, Pittsburgh quickly won Jing’s heart with beautiful city setting and dynamic business environment. When she is away from her laptop, she loves bubble tea, Disney animations, Kung Fu novels, regular work-outs, and traveling with her boyfriend.

Web Application Developer

When you can pull him away from the computer screen, Stephen is never want for hobbies. He fills most of his free time biking, traveling, cooking, adventuring outdoors, or lazily binging TV shows. Originally from West Virginia, Stephen moved to Pittsburgh in 2006 to attended the Art Institute and adopted the city as his new home. Upon graduation, he spent 7 years as a video game developer until finally being hired to work on the MiJourney project.