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The settings page allows you to tailor your experience with SRS 8 to fit the individual needs of your business. You will find it located under the Settings button located in the top toolbar you will find the following options of Procession.

There are eight tabs in settings. The first five are available with the program, and the last three are available for additional purchase.  

Preferences: Allows you to customize your view of Procession.

Start page: where you choose to have the software open to.

Color Scheme

Open to last client: yes or no


Sort clients by: when using the arrows by the binoculars, this is how your clients are navigated

Panels Expand On: when moving throughout tabs in the software, tabs will witch either upon a click or hovering over another tab

Require Login: yes or no

Case Number Formula

Load City Dropdown on Family:

                Primary Funeral Home

Show Tool Tips: “help” bubbles when entering information throughout Procession


Currency Symbol

Scaling: adjusting Procession to fit your monitor screen


Funeral Home Info: This is where information is stored and is able to be edited. This is for all funeral home branches within a corporation. You’ll also find price lists, dropdown setup, and competitor tracker (if purchased).


Funeral Home Defaults: This is where you can set your default sales tax, miscellaneous taxes, and default visitation hours.


Funeral Home Staff: In Funeral Home Staff, you can add or delete employees and change their accessibility. This is where the User Permissions tutorial takes places. These are your controls to what staff members can use or not. To learn more about adjusting the User Permissions, check out our video tutorial.


Corporation Info: The Corporation info contains dropdowns showing each branch. For each branch, you can enter their Federal ID numbers, when the price list was last edited, and their fiscal year.


Bar Code Setup: This is where you’ll find the location setup and resources for the barcode scanning. This is a feature accessible with purchase.

The first thing you’ll want to do is decide the Location scans for your Bar Coding system. These are customizable completely for your business, so they can be anything you want. A few examples we provide are Arrive at Front Door, Cooler In, Cooler Out, and Cremation Start.

First, enter the Location name and Retort number (if applicable). Check Accept Repeatable Scans if this scan can happen more than once. For example, if you have a general Cremation Start, this can be repeatable.


Client Type Settings: Client Type Settings is where you go to setup barcode location requirements and restrictions for the different client types within your software. To add or remove client types, see the “Dropdown Setup” tutorial. This is a feature accessible with additional purchase.


Tasks: Navigate to the tasks tab to create tasks for E-View. The tasks, and task pools, that are setup in this tab will determine what tasks are available for each client, or which tasks automatically populate depending on client type, veteran, or service type. For better understanding of tasks, creating a pool, and more info, see the E-View Tutorial. This feature is accessible with additional purchase.