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Payment Processing

E-Pay provides you with the capability to accept and submit all credit card payments directly within your SRS software and eliminates double entry. There are no gateway fees, monthly fees, or fees for specific card providers. All major credit cards are accepted.

  • Process payments quickly with a chip, swipe or hand entry

  • Automatically submit and store payments to invoices and accounting

  • Process payments safely, compliantly and eliminate card security risks

  • Refund payments in a single click, all within your software

  • Generate built in charge reports to easily reconcile bank statements

Merchant accounts are required to process payments. View Payment Processing & Enrollment or call SRS directly to enroll 800.797.4861.


Email Invoicing

E-Pay simplifies invoicing and offers a secure and convenient online payment method for your clients. You can save time and cut back on costs by instantly emailing all due bills directly to each family.

  • Send all outstanding invoices for each branch from the report tab

  • Choose to exclude some invoices or print invoices with no email on file

  • Receive notifications when online payments are submitted

  • Quickly send individual invoices from the billing page of a case

  • Share invoice balances and collect payments from FamilyLink

Merchant accounts are required to accept online payments. View Payment Processing & Enrollment or call SRS directly to enroll 800.797.4861.


Insurance Assignment

E-Pay offers an entirely electronic insurance claim process integrated with your cases. Enter numerous policies directly from a case using the data you've already entered for the deceased, family and invoice.

  • Reduce paperwork by generating pre-filled forms with case information

  • Upload documents to our secure site and eliminate the need for faxing

  • Complete the Assignment Form to allow our partners to verify policies

  • Collect policy proceeds in 24 hours after submitting required documents

  • Easily review and manage all claims and statuses under one report

Merchant accounts are required to submit insurance claims. View Payment Processing & Enrollment or call SRS directly to enroll 800.797.4861.

Payment Processing & Enrollment

Email Invoicing & All Due Bills

Insurance Assignment & Claims