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June 10, 2019
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Wexford, PA – SRS Computing announces today the release of SRS websites, which seamlessly integrates with the existing SRS Procession management software. This new offering redefines the standard for funeral home websites and offers firms the chance to connect with families online like never before.

Beautifully designed and skillfully built, SRS websites are built to scale and can be tailored for firms of every size and call volume. The website platform offers a plethora of features to help firms meet the expectations of today’s digital consumers. Each website comes complete with a beautiful responsive design, SSL security to protect data, built in forms, social media integrations and so much more.

“Today’s consumers are savvy, with many beginning their relationship with a funeral home online, long before they ever pick up the phone or walk through the doors,” explains Kimberly Simons, Vice President of SRS Computing. “We want to help our clients tell the stories of meaningful lives through a beautifully designed web site that integrates back into their business. For years, SRS has been a leader in management software. We felt it was time to offer a more complete enterprise-level solution for our customers by adding an integrated website platform to Procession.”

Not only do SRS websites look great, they work together with SRS technology to make life easier for those working at the funeral home. In just a few simple clicks, data is easily shared between the company’s management software, Procession, and the client’s SRS website. Whether it’s publishing an obituary, processing an online payment into Procession’s accounting software, or gathering customer information with online forms, all of that data is easily shared between SRS software and completed within the client’s system.

“The addition of SRS websites will help streamline a funeral home’s processes,” says Scott Simons, President and Founder of SRS Computing. “We’ve made it easier for our clients to serve families with the addition of a flower store, crowdfunding, and payment center all flowing directly into Procession. An SRS powered solution is now truly a unification of your website and management system,” concludes Simons.

Ultimately, the release of SRS websites marks a new era of funeral home websites. The integration between the company’s management software and new website technology will offer funeral homes a complete solution to improve operational efficiencies and the way they serve families.

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