E-Pay: The Smarter Way to Process Funeral Payments

November 25, 2019

Enhance your payment process with E-Pay! E-Pay is an exciting feature that provides your funeral home with an easy, quick, and smart way to process funeral payments. With this cutting-edge payment solution, it’s another way you can create an overall seamless funeral planning process for your families!

Here’s why E-Pay is easy, quick, and smart for funeral homes to use!


With E-Pay Payment Processing, you can submit credit card payments right from your software. Also, processing transactions can easily be done with our card readers. And, they are AUTOMATICALLY submitted to accounting and the invoice for a single-entry solution. Talk about an easier way for both your families and your funeral home’s staff to handle funeral payments! It’s skillfully built to be easy to use and automate steps wherever possible.


Do you know how much time you’re wasting with external software? Time to change your process! With E-Pay Email Invoicing, you can save time and cut back on costs by instantly emailing all due bills and individual invoices directly to each family. It also offers you the flexibility to exclude certain invoices and print invoices with no email address on file.

When the Primary Purchaser makes a payment online, you will receive an email notification letting you know the online payment is received. You also can use FamilyLink to share invoice balances and collect payments. Now you can quickly send individual invoices for any case directly from Billing to multiple family members and review any transactions.

Families also can conveniently make funeral payments from their mobile devices. With E-Pay being located on your funeral home’s website, it’s quick and easy for them to find. After just a few taps on their device’s screen, the funeral expenses are taken care of. Then, it’s one less thing for the family to stress over and your funeral home doesn’t need to wonder when you’re getting paid.


E-Pay accepts all major credit cards and accepts and submits all credit card payments directly from your SRS software. Even better? There are no gateway fees or monthly fees! Talk about a smarter way to process funeral payments!

Since all SRS Websites come with SSL certificates, your staff’s and client families’ personal information is protected. Families can feel safe and at ease when entering their personal information online for funeral payments.

E-Pay also gives families more options when paying for the funeral expenses. They can choose an alternative payment option, like E-Pay Insurance Assignment or crowdfunding, if they want a convenient way to raise more funds for the funeral costs.

See for Yourself!

Learn how our turnkey feature E-Pay can take your funeral home into the modern era! Visit our support page or call us at 800.797.4861 to enroll in E-Pay and process your payments like a pro.