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Follow up with every family for Aftercare. Receive reminders of your daily tasks. Record all correspondence. Create quotes based on prospective Pre-Need contracts. Experience data fluidity like you’ve never thought possible. With Prospect, let us help you take your growth to the next level.

Prospect works beautifully as a stand-alone product, but when integrated with our other SRS modules, it flies! Our CRM (Customer Relationship Management) system harnesses leads and aftercare contacts in one simplified database.

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Data Fluidity

All modules – Funeral Home – Cemetery – Crematory – e-Register Book – link to our CRM and back again. EVERY PERSON flows through all programs. The most exciting part…quotes are created based on your price list. Once sold – simply click – to send the client, vitals, and invoice to your SRS management system!

Family Tree

Follow my example…if a client sets up a PN with you and you also cremate their pet, you will have a single entry for that person. That person may also purchase a grave (with the use of our Cemetery program), again, single link to the person.  We built this so you can get a clear view of all services that person has followed through the organization, starting with Prospect.  If they change their phone number or move, you change it in one place. It also allows for building of that person’s family tree since we can relate a single person entry to another and examine their relationship through all programs including all relatives who passed. This is very powerful…


Memory loss happens. Follow-up falls through the cracks. Organization is challenging unless you have a system to remind you of everything you need to get done today. Email blasts…simple! Mail-merge…3 clicks.  Your very own customized list of Things-To-Do. Done!


Analyze your team and manage their success. Pre-set reports returning statistics of Quote-to-Close ratio, Correspondence activity, and Metrics to cultivate successful sales strategies.


SRS has partnered with Expedient Communications ( to co-locate a server at their facilities in Pittsburgh which features “high performance, dedicated, redundant telecommunications backbones, power and HVAC systems with an N+1 configuration.” What does that mean? Expedient’s facility provides 2 independent sources of power supply backed by a generator that in an emergency can run on diesel fuel. Internet is supplied by 6 separate internet providers, insuring that your data is accessible when you need it. SRS will back up your data nightly to a secondary site in the highly unlikely case that the Expedient data center experiences problems. Your SQL database is constantly being “mirrored” in our SQL Cluster environment so that a complete copy of the database is housed 30 miles away. Should the primary SQL database fail, the secondary clustered database will automatically take over and the client will not even know there was an outage at the primary site. We have created a redundant system to insure you won’t be without data as long as you have an internet connection.

protection from intrusions

protection from intrusions

always on always up

always on always up

secure data transfer

secure data transfer

total loss prevention

total loss prevention


We get it…you want your data at your fingertips. Of course, all our software will be installed on your desktop computer or a laptop. But if you’re Clouding, the lite version of SRS “Capture” will allow you to access the entire database anywhere/anytime on ANY DEVICE. Take a laptop or a tablet that has Window’s OS with you to the family’s home for arrangements. Forms and contracts can even be emailed directly without the need of a printer. All of this information will be backed up and immediately available in the back office.

Any tablet or smartphone can also be a way to access your database. Even away from the office, you can take notes and record a first call. If someone calls for service times, or the total due on an invoice, quickly open that case and find any needed information at your fingertips.


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