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Drop Down Setup

You’ll notice how all throughout Procession, there’s a ton of drop downs to choose from. This makes it much easier so you don’t have to manually type in more information. So, how do you manage and change those drop downs? Here's how:

On the bar at the top, click Settings, then the Funeral Home Info tab. Click the button for Set Up Drop Downs. The field categories are any kind of category you have for a dropdown in Procession. A great example is Client Type. This is found on the Client tab at the top right corner. It’s a great tracking feature so you know how your clients are grouped.

Another good example that tracks how clients find you is Case Originated. For example, you may be involved with a church, or if they found you from your website. By adding these to your drop downs, you can see the statistics in SRS Reports.

For the Client Type options, you can add or delete any option you’d like to appear. Right now, we have a few samples such as Burial and Cremation. Try adding a few more. If you want to allow a drop down field to be manually typed into, make sure the “Allow Typing” box is checked. Otherwise, make sure the box is unchecked so your staff has to select a preset choice. It's simple to build dynamic lists throughout the program.

Now that you’re a PRO at managing your drop downs, let’s see why they’re so important. Sure, they make it easier so you don’t have to type, but they also do a few more things. Client Types, for example are a critical component in the E‐View feature. By selecting the appropriate type for a case, E‐View automatically builds your customized list of things to do for that specific client.

Another reason we like these drop downs is for your funeral home reports. Click on the Reports button on the top bar. Under Report, select Client Type Breakdown, then click the printer icon. This will generate a report for you showing different statistics. So an easy breakdown is shown across any time frame selected.

Here’s another important use for the dropdowns. Navigate to the Billing section for a client, then the Payments and Adjustments tab. Under type for a payment, you can manage what kind of payment you’d like to accept within your funeral home such as checks, credit card types, and vouchers. You can generate a report using these as well. Find the payment report by type and click the printer icon. This will filter the various payment methods clients are using.

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