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On this page, you can enter all events planned for a client.

Your default visitation times can be changed in Settings. By utilizing these buttons, the only information needed to be manually entered is the date and clergy.

Enter any notes that apply to this client’s service(s).

You can enter as many clergy as you’d like, but they must be added to the Rolodex first.


Visitation Preparation

The Visitation Preparation tab is where you enter all information regarding preparation work.

Any clothing, jewelry, flower, etc. information is entered here. This form can be printed as well.

Fees for Florist and Hairdresser will populate based off of that person’s Rolodex entry.


Pallbearers and Music

Pallbearers and Music displays charts of anyone who is selected in Family and Friends as a Pallbearer or an Honorary Pallbearer.

If someone needs to be added to this list, click the Rolodex icon to navigate back to Family and Friends.

The music selection is entered here as well. Use the drop down to select the song, or type it in manually. Use the drop down next to performer to see the options from your Rolodex. If you don’t see the performer you wish to use, type in their name. When you click or tab out of this data field, you’ll have the option to save to your Rolodex for future use.

Select the performer’s title. This list can be edited in Drop Down Setup in Settings.

If the song selection is on a CD, select the Track Number.

Use the drop down to select where this is being performed, whether it’s the chapel, graveside, etc.

Any notes can be entered in the Notes section.

Be sure to save when finished.