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There are many sections in Procession that pull directly from the Rolodex. For instance, the churches, cemeteries, organizations, and associations should all be inserted prior to entering a new case. This creates more efficiency.

Click the Rolodex icon to open this section. By selecting a category, any corresponding businesses will be displayed in the lower table. You’ll notice sections for email addresses and their website.

Click on the @ icon to send an email, and click the globe to access their website.

Click New to add a new contact under the category you’ve selected. To add a new category, click Edit Category, then New. Name your category, and what type of category this is, and click Save. In the Custom Data Fields section, you can enter any data fields you’d like to appear for this entry, such as a fee or hours of operation. Click Save, then the X in the top‐right corner.

Clicking the printer icon will print a full report of every category and subcategory within the section. If you want to send a letter, the envelope icon will create a preaddressed envelope.

We found it very helpful to have your Rolodex entries in Outlook! First, you need to create a file to export out of Procession. Click Export in your Rolodex, and save your file. Be sure you’re not clicking the Export icon at the top of Procession!

Next, open Outlook, click File, then Import. Select Import from Another Program or File. Select Comma Separated Values (Windows). Browse for your file, then choose Contacts for the destination folder, and Finish.

Version 9

Version 8