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Setting up obituary templates are easy with SRS’ Obituary Generator. We’ve created some examples for you to start with, but you can create as many on your own as you want. Let’s start by going to the Printed Materials on the left side and selecting Obituary. Some standard templates will be listed in the Template box.

Here’s how it works:

Choose the template you want for this case and watch all the data merge instantly. Now, treat this like Microsoft Word by simply making your changes directly in the window. The editing tools at the top also work similar to Word. Highlight the text, and select the tool you want to use.

Once the Obit is complete, you will want to save a copy in the clients file. Simply type in a name for this client’s Obit under Saved Copies, and click Save.

Multiple saved copies can be added here. If you are using the Export feature to one of our preferred vendors (below), you will want to indicate which obituary flows to your website by checking the “Online Copy” box.

Now, select the paper format you’d like to print on, and click the printer or email icon. The printer will brings up a Print Preview where you can choose the printer you want to send the document to. If you want to utilize the email function, you will need to email out of Outlook. It will ask if you want to attach the Default Image to your email.

To  make  permanent  changes  to  Templates,  go  to  Edit  Global  Templates. We recommend either starting with an existing one or use the cut or paste tool to made copy. Make your changes by typing in the top window. The bottom simply shows you a preview of how it merges.  By selecting data field in the Add Field section, you can create a merge field for just about any test in the software. When you single click, it will illustrate how this merges. Double click when you found the one that’s your preference. Be sure to save when you’re finished!

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