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Company Enrollment Tips:

  • The person completing the company enrollment needs to have admin rights within their SRS software

  • The individual that is being listed as the Owner/Account Signer does NOT have to be the company owner -- it can be anyone who is listed on the company bank accounts

  • The account signers date of birth and home address must be listed for security purposes and verification

  • The SSN field is not actually required -- this can be left blank or listed with zeros

  • The account signer will need to answer knowledge-based authorization (KBA) questions at the end of the enrollment during the Agreement for security purposes and verification

Merchant Accounts Tips:

  • The account nickname should be something that will help easily identify an account, especially in the case that multiple accounts are listed -- example: Checking (...1234)-ABC Bank-Branch 1 & 2

  • The notification email is any email address where online payment notifications should go -- this can be changed at any time and other emails can be listed when emailing invoices

  • The Business Type does not affect the enrollment and the closest option should be chosen

  • The Legal Name needs to match what is listed on a company W9, W4 or IRS Tax form for approval and security purposes and verification

Agreement Tips:

  • This must be completed to be considered for enrollment approval

  • The Agreement lists the KBA questions, which are pulled from the Owner/Account Signers information previously listed during Company Enrollment

  • All KBA questions must be completed successfully to be considered for enrollment approval -- if not answered correctly, an SRS representative will reach out with further instructions

Account Corporation & Branch Summary Tips:

  • This must be completed before or after enrollment is approved to begin processing payments

  • A Corporation, General Ledger Account and a Branch must be chosen for each Merchant Account added

  • Merchant Accounts can be assigned to multiple branches

  • Branches can have multiple Merchant Accounts assigned to them

  • Any Merchant Account assigned to a branch in this step will show up as an option when that branch begins an E-Pay credit card payment

For further support and questions call SRS directly at 800.797.4861.