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This section is for adding a client’s personal information. Some information found on this tab include your custom case number, date and time of death, and the funeral/arranging director information. For preneed cases, their personal information is easily accessed, and the client type.

Case Number: You can manually enter the case number, or we can use your formula to calculate the next number for you by clicking generate.

Entering a Date and Time of Death: If this is a preneed case, make sure you check the preneed box. Any preneed case will change to atneed simply by entering a date of death. Here, time of death can also be entered. The arrangement date and time are entered here as well. These fields can be manually enter, or use the calendar and clock dropdown to select the appropriate date and time.

Personal Information:  Here, we have 2 name options to enter. The first, with a prefix and suffix, is the client’s legal name. The box below is for the printed name you wish to use. Tabbing, or clicking into another field, will allow for this name to populate.

Enter the client’s street address. When entering city, state, and zip, you can enter just the zip then either click in a different field or press tab on your keyboard. The city and state will generate based off of the zip code you entered.

Notes: Enter any notes you’d like in this section regarding this client. Any notes entered can be printed onto a summary page.



Navigate to this tab to enter the client’s vital information such as their education, religion, and employment background. All of these dropdowns can be changed to your preference. To learn how to change these dropdowns, check out our video tutorial.


Family and Friends

Enter as much information as possible for any family, friends, or those who you’d like to appear in the obituary. This includes:

Informant: family member who is the informant; this information will be stored in your database

Next of Kin: any family member or friend that applies

Included on Printed Materials: if this person should be listed on any printed materials, such as the obituary or register book, check this box

Purchaser: family member or friend who is primarily in charge of the invoices; their name will automatically print on the bills

Additional Purchasers: not mainly in charge of the bills, but wishes to purchase any additional items; their name will print as a secondary purchaser

Honorary Pallbearers: name will print on appropriate printed materials as Honorary Pallbearer; name will appear in the services section under Honorary Pallbearers

Pallbearers: name will print on appropriate printed materials as Pallbearer; name will appear in the services section under Pallbearers

Aftercare Contact: if this person should be contacted through a follow up call, letter, etc.

Spouse: if this person is the client’s spouse; if checked, the address information will populate with what is entered in the client section

Deceased: if this person is deceased, check this box; will print as “preceded in death” on printed materials

*For some of these titles, you may check as many people in the list that apply, such as next of kin and pallbearers. The “Move Up” and “Move Down” buttons are to rearrange the order in which the names appear. How they are listed in this column is how they will appear on any printed materials, so you are able to rearrange the order.


Contributions / Activities

This is where you input any information regarding organizations this client belonged to, as well as any specific interests they have/had. The activities and interests are useful when created memorial folders or prayer cards if you are using a “theme” based off of their interests or any achievements the client has.

Any information entered in these fields can be saved to your rolodex. When you select them from the dropdown, their address and contact information will populate based on their rolodex entry.


Cemetery / Crematory

The Cemetery and Crematory tab is where you enter any information about that facility being used, including their address, cemetery grave location, and who the cremated remains are released to.



Cause of Death

This section shows you who was chosen as the informant in the family and friends section. It always shows you important information such as the client’s physician info, manner of death, and injury information.


Place of Death

This tab is for review and entering information regarding the client’s place of death. Included on this is information about the facility of death, addresses, and who’s performing the removal.



On the Veterans page, enter any veteran information relating to a client. Navigate to this section to enter their rank, branch, etc. to populate on any forms or printed materials.

This is also where you can print any veteran documents and forms that you may need. Information to populate on the Headstone Form should be checked appropriately.

The printer icon will open a print preview of the appropriate form. The envelope icon will open a pre-addressed envelope for your state’s office.




Enter all data pertaining to the embalming process. Determine the date and time of the embalming, as well as who performed. Any notes can be added in the notes section. Use the printer icon to print the Authorization to Embalm.



The Shipping information will be used if you're transferring the deceased from one funeral home to another, or from a location to your funeral home. Use the quick fill-in button FH to populate your funeral home's information, whether you're sending or receiving the deceased. Confirmation and Air Bill numbers are available if needed. All flight information can be stored here, as well as a Shipping Info report.



This section is where you can enter all insurance policy information. Start with the policy number and the face amount. The company can be selected from the drop down, which provides options from your Rolodex. If the address and contact information is saved in the Rolodex, it will auto-populate in the additional fields. The beneficiaries can be selected from the drop downs, which determine names from Family and Friends, or can be manually entered. Use the drop down to print your Insurance Assignment Form.


Custom Data

Custom Data allows you to enter any fields, dropdowns, or checkboxes you’d like to see in your software. Here, you can create charts or track information important to your business. If you haven’t purchased Custom Data to create your own fields, a checklist will appear that allows staff members to initial, date, and add notes regarding items on that list.