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Accounting Exports

When you export to your accounting software from SRS, you’ll never have to worry about double entry. All of your receivables will be entered in SRS, and the payables handed in your accounting. We export to the following accounting systems:

  • QuickBooks (Desktop Windows)

  • Peachtree

  • MAS 90/200

  • Sage 50

  • MYOB

  • Passport

  • Business Works

  • Simply Accounting

  • QuickBooks Journal (Desktop Windows)

  • AccPac

  • NAVision

  • Dynamics






Click on the Accounting icon on the top bar, then the Accounts tab. Here is where you’ll find your Chart of Accounts we can import from your accounting system. If you add a new account in your accounting, you will simply need to add it in SRS as well. To add a new account, click the new button, type in the name then save at the bottom.

Next, let’s visit your defaults. Navigate to the Defaults tab. These defaults will allow the program to send the funds to the correct accounts. They’re also a safety net if there isn’t a special account assigned. If specific types of payments, discounts, interest, or refunds are required to flow into specific income accounts, select the payment and adjustment type, which branch it applies to, and the accounts to debit and credit.  This list can be edited in the dropdown setup.

Now let’s set up your accounts for all the items in your price list. You can get there from either Billing or Settings. From the Funeral Home Info tab, click on your price list, then the General Price List info tab. For each category, you’ll want a default account. We can put an account in for you, but double check it’s the correct one you want to use. Use the dropdown to select or change the income account and be sure to hit Save.

You are welcome to assign a Cost of Goods Sold and Inventory account as well but this is optional. You can copy these default income accounts to every item by click the Copy Default Accounts and Tax to Category Items button. Keep in mind, the defaults you are working on only applies to the branch selected at the top. If you want to copy these income accounts for another branch, click Send this Category to Select Chapels, then choose the location. This will copy the accounts for each items, but you’ll still need to assign a default income account.

Now that the setup is complete, let’s learn how to export your contracts to your accounting software. Navigate your way to Accounting, then click on the Export tab.  This table shows a list of clients whose contracts, payments or bills haven’t been exported yet during the months selected. Check the box under this column named Export Now, or click Check All Clients if you want to export everything in the box. Select which accounting program you use from the option on bottom. After clicking, a box will appear. It’s asking where you want to save the IIF file to. If you have a file on your computer for your accounting exports already, save it there. If not, create a file you’ll remember.

  • The most important thing to remember for this file is there are 3 required data fields that must have something entered: Date of Death, a Purchaser, and Default Accounts for the price list items.

After your file is saved, simply open your accounting software and import the file you saved.

We recommend creating a same case, entering a sample contract, then selecting this case to export. This will easily demonstrate how the case moves from SRS to your accounting. Be sure to go back in both systems and delete the sample case!

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