One more way SRS saves you time.

Technology is what we do here at SRS. That’s why we’re excited to announce our next big offering — SRS websites. Beautifully designed, skillfully built, seamlessly integrated with all of your current SRS programs like Procession, Phoenix and more, and ready to serve you and your families.

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Building Our Core

Meet the ultimate in scalability…HELLO! Regardless of size or call volume, a customized and affordable version of the SRS system will be created for you. We start with our ROCK SOLID foundation that delivers all necessities to each client’s software. From here, you get to pick the building blocks your firm needs to create the unique software product custom-tailored for you!

Now, let’s look to the future…as your needs grow and you become more skilled at your SRS system, you can continue to add features on the fly. Development is constant here at SRS, and you will experience the ever-evolving product growth being created to keep your firm on the cutting edge.

Extended Features

  • Seamless SRS Integration
  • Mobile-Friendly
  • Text Directions
  • Grief Emails
  • Built-In Forms
  • Crowdfunding
  • Tribute Video Integration
  • SSL Certificates
  • Spam Filters
  • Obituary Subscriptions
  • Social Media Integrations
  • Flower Purchasing

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